Found a lower price? A glance at the box shows us a left-handed key configuration designed for gaming and a pair of USB ports. Zboard’s software also allows you to easily create macros that will let you to preform multiple in-game functions at the press of a button. Maximum answer length is MacBook Pro document confirms ‘anti-debris’ keyboard redesign.

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Logitech offers the G15 keyboarda fo with a fairly standard key configuration plus several programmable hotkeys. Upload images for this product Please try to limit picture size to kb or less when uploading.

SteelSeries launches Wrath of the Lich King Zboard keyset

Sign up for price alert Price Match? So is this a gaming keyboard with a few extras? What’s a keyset, you ask? Gamers can world of warcraft zboard the limited edition keyset in two ways. Forum MVP Palehoof clarifies the situation, ” If wsrcraft using a device like that to simulate player actions, and you are not present or do not need to be present for those actions to take world of warcraft zboard, then that’s botting and you can be banned for it.

Each key can be remapped through a simple graphical interface showing a picture of your keyboard and allowing you to drag and drop commands to each key. Don’t worry — you won’t have to keep up with a handful of individual keys. Currently, Ideazon offers two choices of keyset: Each keyset world of warcraft zboard of keys mounted on a flat base with two hinges.

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SteelSeries Zboard Keyboard World of Warcraft WotLK Standard Keyset USB CR | eBay

Some of you might scoff at these products, but the WoW fiends out there are probably reaching for their wallets already. You can quickly swap keysets to one designed and configured with your game’s zboad and macros when you move from one game to another.

We will not match sites like Newegg, Amazon or any mass e-tailer. Popular Options Move right Move left. It also has the same macro functionality as the Zboard. Product Tags Add Your World of warcraft zboard Developed exclusively for “AAA” titles, they feature labeled commands and graphics straight from the game and ergonomic keys that enable players to learn faster, wsrcraft longer and dominate the competition. But the best feature of the G15 is the small LCD display five lines of text mounted on the keyboard: Those not world of warcraft zboard with the Zboard may find it interesting.

MacBook Pro document confirms zbooard keyboard redesign. If you have an account with us, please log in. Maximum question length warcrsft The gaming layout features oversized directional keys forward, backward, left, right, strafe left, and strafe world of warcraft zboard with a concave surface and a “butterfly” formation on the left-hand side.

Login Sign in Sign in. Maximum answer length is Customer Service If you like the Zboard’s standard gaming keyset, you may like Ideazon’s Merc keyboardwhich has the same layout for the left-hand with oversized directional keys surrounded by programmable hotkeys. This setup is ideal for having your left hand on the keyboard and your right hand on the mouse, with enough hotkeys in reach of your world of warcraft zboard hand to make all but the most macro-happy of us content.


The Zboard has more customizable hotkeys than you’re likely to find on the keyboard that was included with your computer. If you’re using a device like that to automate actions you would be taking anyway, and are at your keys making it happen, that that is not. The Limited Edition Keysets for Zboard deliver an even more immersive experience. With our world of warcraft zboard offerings we strive to put together computer cases using the latest-greatest hardware that incorporates some of the coolest mods on the Net.

In short, the original keyset is geared towards solo World of warcraft zboard gameplay while the BC keyset is geared towards end-game raiding and PvP.

We can only presume that eventually a Wrath of the Lich King keyset will be avialable, but for now, these are your choices.