If you want to connect to a computer on your Intranet, make sure you type its address in this box. Specifies the average noise level of the Frequency Channel currently used for connection. Use the same proxy server for all protocols — Specifies whether you want to use the same proxy server to gain access to the Internet using all protocols. Connection tab The Connection tab provides real-time information on connection throughput, frame errors, signal strength, link quality and overall connection quality in graphical representation. The communication quality is based on signal level and noise level measurements. Select the Device Manager tab. The WEP Key is a bit 5 byte or bit 13 byte hexadecimal digit use to encrypt transmitted data packets and decrypt received data packets.

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You can download these service packs from the Windows Update website windowsupdate. Network Type Infrastructure — Select the Infrastructure mode to establish connection to an access point.

The New Configuration Wizard dialog box appears. Click Search to rescan available networks.

WLg | Networking | ASUS USA

Click to cancel any changes made on the Wireless Settings utility. I always have poor link quality and low signal. The main window displays the menu bar, tool bar, and existing configurations. The communication quality is based on signal level and noise level measurements.

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The Monitor window appears. Internet settings A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network Intranet and the Internet.

Edit menu Edit Configuration — The Edit Configuration option allows you to edit selected configuration items.

The Mobile Manager main window appears. Follow these instructions to uninstall and re-install the driver.

Use ping to verify a connection to a particular host name or IP address. Launch the New Configuration Wizard wl-167gg clicking File from the menu bar, then select New Configuration from the drop-down menu, or double-clicking the New Configuration icon on the Mobile Manager toolbar.

The MAC Address field displays the hardware address of a device connected to a network.

ASUS WL-167g (4719543727218) Wireless Adapter

A proxy server restricts other people on the Internet from gaining access to confidential information on your internal network or your computer. Superior performance in real-world operating environments even in presence of other wireless LAN, Bluetooth TM devices and microwave oven interference.

Refer to the table below for icon indications. You may also press in your keyboard. This field is optional.

This indicates the communication quality of the Basic Service Set to which the station is connected. Select an available network and click Connect udb establish connection. Click the Ping button.

WLG ASUS USB WLAN ADAPTER User Manual WLg_manual ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Exceptions field Do not use proxy server for address beginning with — Type the Web addresses that do not need to be accessed through the proxy server. In an Infrastructure network, your wireless LAN adapter automatically selects the correct frequency channel required to communicate with an Access Point.


Site Monitor Click this button to launch the Site Monitor utility. This field displays the connection status and MAC address of the network where the system is connected. Click Next when finished.

WL167G ASUS USB WLAN ADAPTER User Manual WL-167g_manual ASUSTeK Computer Inc

See the next section for details. Use the IP Config Tab to verify your network settings. Rename — Changes the name of the selected configuration.

Mobile Manager Click this button to launch the Mobile Manager utility. General settings Name — The configuration name indicates the location from where you are dialing or connecting to a network. The Control Center icon serves as an application launcher, and indicator of signal adzpter and Internet connection. The computer name is generally the same with the DNS hostname.