Its on-board audio is controlled by nForce south bridge together with 6-channel Realtek ALC codec. On the whole, motherboard functionality is on a high for a presumably budget model level. Video 3Digests Video cards: It expands its wide range of products, whenever the opportunity occurs. Foxconn SuperUtilites package is a typical set of utilities:

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Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

Foxconn PRODUCT : Motherboard : Details

Video 3Digests Video 66100k8ma-rs The deciding factor may be its low price, but we actually had no reliable information about it at the time we published this article. It supports audio output to 8 speakers, but there is no bit audio support and other advantages of High Definition Audio.

Its memory sockets are black and white in order to differentiate the memory channels.

6100k8mar-s Infinite and Metro: On the whole, motherboard functionality is on a high for a presumably budget model level. The PCB layout is simple fortunately, there are practically no additional controllers.

But even though this model uses the top chipset in the series, it still has some empty seats on the PCB — BIOS write protection jumper it’s not soldered in all models of the current revision and an additional audio-in AUX-In. Noise level, dB A: It expands its wide range of products, whenever the opportunity occurs. Thursday, November 8, In general, critical circuits incorporate electrolytic capacitors from OST we are not very enthusiastic about it and United Chemi-Con. It unveiled two models based on modifications of chipset combinations, promising to become very popular: It’s practically excellent for a microATX motherboard.


As the graphics slot is too close to memory slots, an installed video card may hamper your manipulations with memory modules. Besides, the board also shows the layout of all interface headers, which is a rare thing.

Foxconn WinFast K8MA-RS Motherboard Review – Hardware Secrets

GeForce and nForce chips use a silver passive heatsinks i. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: To use DDR Dual Channel feature you need to install the memory modules on sockets with the same color.

There is a brief description of jumper functions on a PCB.

The only jumper is placed in an ideal location, access to it is not hampered even when a motherboard is installed into a narrow PC case. Foxconn SuperUtilites package is a typical set of winfaxt The 3-phase switching voltage regulator of the processor incorporates three field-effect transistors per channel, five uF capacitors, four uF ones, and several ones of lesser capacitance.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. As for now, we offer a traditional express-comparison of results demonstrated by this and other models of the same class.

This board was also eight USB 2. The high heatsink on the northbridge may be an obstacle to install a video card with a bulky heatsink at the back side.


There is a load menu function, which allows to choose a boot device to startup a system without modifying BIOS Setup. Though the motherboard under review with the sinfast BIOS version does not allow to set DRAM Timing, which is so important for performance, it was automatically set to 1T in our tests; detailed information on the memory mode is displayed at startup. Write a comment below.

Foxconn WinFast 6100K8MA-RS Motherboard Review

GeForce and nForce passive heatsinks. In this case we decided to limit ourselves to publishing the results of a single motherboard on a different chipset SiSas the performance of AMD64 solutions does not depend on a chipset to be more exact, 6010k8ma-rs periphery’s and probably video card’s performance depends on it. During our tests these heatsinks heated a lot, meaning that it is advisable to install this motherboard in a well-ventilated case, preferably with an extra fan.

Proprietary technologies and peculiarities SuperBoot — PC boot acceleration: Detail of the memory sockets. Dynamic range, dB A: