The T9’s performance is pretty good, with a fairly fast startup time and very fast shutter response. The camera is small and light enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and is very portable and fun. It’s a pretty basic image viewer and doesn’t compare to things like ACDSee, Photoshop Elements, or even the software designed by other camera manufacturers. High Speed Shutter mode is best for moving subjects, and uses faster shutter speeds to freeze action, while Candle mode preserves color in candlelight and soft incandescent lighting. The Display button cycles through a range of display modes, enabling a histogram, as well as eliminating the information overlay with the exception of the focus brackets and mode. While it’s great for lunar and still wildlife photography, we found that it’s not suited for much else.

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As with the other T-series cameras, there are two macro modes on the T9. The deal is sweetened by 58MB of internal memory.

Due to the small size and slim profile, the camera can be difficult to sdc-t9 confidently. Why Flickr’s new 1, photo limit for free users is a smart move.

However, Spot and Center metering modes are also available through the Record menu. The DSC-T9 should just be able to capture good-looking shots under typical city street lighting at night. Smart Zoom lets you enlarge the image without a loss in quality, with the catch being that you can’t use much of it unless you’re at a low resolution. The other features on the T9 are more run-of-the-mill: The T9 is the first camera in Sony’s ultra-compact lineup to feature an optical image stabilization system, something which is quite uncommon on ultra-thin cameras like this.

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Landscape mode sets the camera up for shooting broad rsc-t9. The son focuses quickly, and focused well in most of my test pictures. Click to play movie 9.

Monitor AF lets the dwc-t9 focus constantly, even without the shutter release pressed. The camera is solidly built, except for the battery door, which is cheap and flimsy and feels like it could break off if mishandled. Why is it important to use the correct supplied USB-cable with my product?

This is great for checking to make sure that your subject is properly focused. Lomography launches new 35mm monochrome dsv-t9 stock cut from German cine film rolls.

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T9 review: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T9 – CNET

One thing that hasn’t changed on the T9 is its big problem with redeye in flash photos. In addition, we can see that the pesky dust spots have returned. While it’s great for lunar and still wildlife photography, we found that it’s not suited for much else. While it won’t work miracles like stopping motion blurit will allow you to use slower shutter speeds than you could otherwise.

At the top-right of the photo you’ll find the zoom controller, which moves the lens from wide-angle to telephoto in about 2. Noise is relatively under control, osny only a little starting to appear at ISO Most consumer digital cameras produce color that’s more highly saturated more intense than found in the original subjects.

The macro setting worked very well. For regular shots you won’t have to worry about any of this, but if you have a weird mix of lights or studio lamps you may want to find a camera with custom white balance.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9

Optical image stabilization reduces image blur from hand movement, while high light sensitivity helps to rsc-t9 blurriness resulting from low-light sohy. Outdoor shots generally showed accurate exposure, but with strong, blown out highlights in direct sunlight, and very deep shadows with limited detail. While some geometric distortion is present at the widest and narrowest angles, darkened corners vignetting are very minor, and common aberrations such as colored fringing and blooming of bright onto dark areas are almost negligible, even upon close inspection.

The Sony Cyber-shot T9 comes in silver or black. By default, the camera uses a Multi dsc-g9 system to determine the exposure, which takes readings from throughout the frame.

Though it sports an all-metal body, the T9 is still light, at just 5.

See full Picky Details page. The AF-assist lamp is used by the camera as a focusing aid in low light situations.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera Review

Not sure which camera to buy? The T9 is one of only a small handful of ultra-compacts with image stabilizers the others being from Panasonic and Konica Minoltaand it sure comes in handy when you’re taking shots in not-so-great lighting. Front of camera lens open [ larger ].


As with Sony’s other cameras, shutter lag was not noticeable, even at the slower shutter speeds where it sometimes crops up. For a complete listing of all our test and “gallery” shots, go to the Thumbnails page. A horizontal sliding lens cover is a unique twist on the typical lens cover design, and doubles as a finger rest when open. Typical continuous-shooting speed Longer bars indicate better performance. Where oversaturation is most problematic is on Caucasian skin tones, as it’s very easy for these “memory colors” to be seen as too bright, too pink, too yellow, etc.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9

Just to the left of the lens is the AF-assist lamp, which is also the self-timer countdown light. See price on Amazon. In low light situations the screen “gains up” automatically sojy you can still see what you’re trying to take a picture of. Instead, the lens lines up vertically inside the camera, using a mirror to reflect the view. Snoy horizontal lens cover slides up and down, protecting the T9’s vertically-oriented lens and keeping the front panel smooth and very pocket friendly.

Detail is strong and resolution high, with only a moderate amount of softening in the corners and left and right edges. Our low light testing sonny significant limitations in the lens and sensor’s ability to gather and process light, meaning you’ll likely need the flash for shots starting around twilight.


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T9 Specs – CNET

Roller Skates [ larger ]. The arrow keys of the Sont pad scroll through menu selections, and the OK button in the center of the pad confirms any changes. Although the batteries are expensive, they last a long time, and the status dsc-h9 of remaining battery life is quite useful. In the Indoor test, the flash on the T9 underexposed our subject at its default setting, requiring the camera’s High Intensity flash adjustment to get bright results.

Since the camera doesn’t come with a Memory Stick, I’d recommend purchasing a larger capacity card so you don’t miss any shots. Here, you can see that the flash is not powerful enough to illuminate the subjects, and there is not enough ambient lighting to fill in the background. Noise suppression is visible in both shadows and highlights as well, contributing wony the loss of detail, made more severe in these areas. Front of camera lens open [ larger ]. An available wrist strap is included — and recommended, due to the small size of this camera it is dropped easily.

The Sony Cyber-shot T9 comes in silver or black. Nov 5, The Sony T9 has only a few external controls, as most of the exposure options are accessed through dsc-g9 LCD menu system.

Slny to add ‘Pro’ features, end Yahoo login, apply image cap to free accounts. The night shot turned out fairly well. AF performance is otherwise good, except in low light where hunting can lead to missed shots. DJI drones temporarily restricted in UK after reports of them falling from the sky. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. The target is visible here, but still a little dark.


But press wony Display button and you’ll see a lot more, including a histogram shown above. In both Record and Playback modes, the button cycles through the image and information displays.

The screen packspixels so everything is nice and sharp, and it’s still easy to see even in bright outdoor light. A horizontal sliding lens cover is a unique twist on the typical lens cover design, and doubles as a finger rest when open. It’s build is also more solid, with a higher quality feel than recent T-series cameras. Where oversaturation is most problematic is on Caucasian skin tones, as it’s very easy for these “memory colors” to be seen as too bright, too pink, too yellow, etc.

Shoots seasides or lakesides, with the blue of the water clearly recorded.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera Review

Photos were well-exposed with accurate color, low noise, and minimal purple fringing. Power On to first shot. Submit a News Tip! Cybershot 6 Mp Dig. Below those is the four-way controller, which is used for menu navigation as well as:.