It’s the image quality that’s the core feature of any monitor, after all. Is it worth buying, though? So, as LCDs go, the B looks rather good for the money. The interface pad locks the two parts of the base together, so the hinge doesn’t work any more, but there should be angle adjustment in the wall bracket, if any is needed. Of course, the smaller the transition, the less noticeable blur will be, so it sort of evens out.

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Aus PC Market don’t sell this monitor any more, but they’ve got lots of newer options! Additional Product Features Monitor Color. If you want your new LCD screen to have no defects at all, though, then the only way to be sure is by poring over screens displaying solid black and then solid white, in the store, and making the sales sync,aster bring you a new monitor whenever you find a glitch.

The hookup section of the manual for both monitors PDF version available here seems to think, on just one page, that the T is a touch-screen monitor with a DVI connector and a serial port, the serial port to be used for touch-screen data.

For people who don’t just swoon over the razor-sharp pixels that’s always confused me a bit – since when are sharper jaggies a good thing?

You’ll have a hard time finding a “15 inch” CRT that sucks down much less than 70 watts, and a hundred watts or more is common for larger, and older, models. And colors seemed slightly askew on digital photos. Even 125b a full black background, it’s barely visible. The exposure’s been kept down, to stop the dots bleeding into each other.

Samsung B LCD Monitor | eBay

Towards the back of the manual it claims, in xyncmaster fractured English, that “advanced semiconductor technology with precision of In the real world, this isn’t as much of an issue as you’d think, for two reasons. Samsung are a major LCD panel manufacturer many LCD makers buy the actual panels from someone elseand they’ve put a good panel in this monitor.


I ran around in 3D games a bit, and 125b not displeased with the response speed. Interestingly, the B manual explicitly states that the number of colours the screen can display is a mere 16, Well, now in Italy it is impossible find this kind of LCD Monitor, for this reason I bought the object for substitute a broken monitor! Look up at it and light things go darker, fuzzier and slightly bluish.

The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing And if you just want the most screen real estate for your money, 17 and 19 inch CRTs beat every half-decent LCD by about a factor of two, in dollars-per-square-inch terms.

But the manual goes on to tell you, with commendable honesty, that defective subpixels are to be expected. Dark things are what really suffer from vertical viewing angle changes on LCDs, though; at normal viewing distances, a “black” screen on the B is obviously different shades at the top and the bottom, and well before you get to the vertical angle limits in either direction you’ll see substantial lightening of dark shades. It’s just a glowing dot on a flat surface, with no depth component, so it looks the same even from quite extreme angles.

So I think it’s a bit mean to call this one subpixel defect; I don’t think it even qualifies as half a subpixel defect.

Specifications – Samsung Syncmaster B User Manual [Page 30]

This LCD monitor allows you to treasure the great display and work more effectively thanks to its detailed advanced syncmatser technology. A 15 inch screen gives you about square inches of viewable area.

With the support arm in its lowest position, the monitor touches the base there are a couple of rubber feet to stop it scuffingobscuring the speakers from the user’s view, but making the whole thing look rather neat from the front. Because the phosphor’s behind some fairly thick glass if it wasn’t, the tube would implodeCRTs still look odd when you’re really seriously off-axis.

Recent Drivers  HP2300L DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Samsung SyncMaster 152B

They’re really tinny, they can’t play very loud, but they’ll do for beeps. While we’re on the subject of environmentalism, LCDs aren’t built around a giant heavy leaded-glass vacuum bottle, like CRTs; the glass in CRTs has to be leaded to stop X-rays from bathing the user, but leaded glass is a bit of a bugger to safely dispose of.

It’s a 15 inch by LCD with a good feature set, and a middling price. At 12 Australian cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity, every hundred Aussie bucks of cost difference will let you run a monitor that consumes a hundred more watts of power for almost a yearand that’s assuming the thing’s displaying an image all the time.

Easy to carry, sure, but you’d better pack them well. One of the things I like least about LCD screens is that they look weird when you view them from different angles.

Samsung SyncMaster 152B LCD monitor

At the horizontal extremes, light things go a bit darker and creamier-coloured, while dark things go a bit lighter and reddish. Samsung don’t quote a pixel response time for the B, but it actually seems to be rather good.

But given that noticeable blur can happen with a lot less than a full-brightness pixel samsuhg, 25ms pixel response still doesn’t give you CRT-equivalent frame rate capacity.