I suffer from RSI, brought about by overdoing it in my QuakeWorld days, and I’ll admit at first finding the shape rather uncomfortable coming from a more basic Microsoft offering. In ‘standard’ mode the mouse behaves like your usual rodent, albeit with seven usable buttons. There’s a Verbatim-branded mouse mat to go with the Rapier and it’s cousin, the V2, which we’ll look at in a little while , but frankly this is a mouse built for almost any surface. Left handers may not like it either, however it is possible to hold it in the left hand if you are used to using your second or fingers on the mouse wheel. Combined with the handy-dandy travelling bag, this is an excellent LANing device, especially if you’re not sure of the machine you’re going to end up playing on. Teflon Feet It’s all very well having a comfortable design, with a funky blue LED shining out the bottom, if dragging it across most surfaces is like snowboarding on gravel.

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Using and abusing it in rapier v1 gaming mouse from everyday tasks such as web browsing, to more demanding work such as Adobe Photoshop, from jumping around the Ogrimmar bank courtesy of World of Warcraft, to getting myself shot in the back via Counterstrike: Most popular tech stories.

The underside, complete with super-slick teflon feet.

Even more expensive devices can have rapierr few niggles. Definitely worth serious consideration rapier v1 gaming mouse the gamer, and possibly even the non-gamer who wants to use the macro features in more work based applications like Photoshop. I’m sure many people have had at one time or another to use a very cheap optical mouse.


Raoier ticks all the right boxes when it comes to features, comfort and handling. Another giant study confirms that your coffee habit is probably good for you. Verbatim mouae thought long and hard about their latest entrant to this already busy sector.

Options rapier v1 gaming mouse repeating from a certain line, and pausing ready to carry on after a further button press, are all there too. Conclusion In a nutshell, although the Rapier V1 has a lot of cool features, it doesn’t fully excel in some of them.

Although this could just be because it is better made, I wouldn’t like to say.

Top 15 obscure video game consoles for collectors. Included with the Verbatim Rapier V1 mouse is a carry case, a smaller case in which to keep spare weights, a CD-ROM and a ‘quick start guide’ that rapier v1 gaming mouse just tells you to insert the CD. If this were a touch larger – like Microsoft’s Sidewinder mice – it would be perfect.

The 10 best tablets of so far. A game aimed specifically at the gaming market, but that also works well in ‘normal’ rapier v1 gaming mouse the Verbatim Rapier V1 contains no less than nine buttons. Gamer Toolkit mohse CD, and manual. Related Articles How to: The V1 gzming very well indeed, even in standard mode as a mouse being used for image manipulation.

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Most Read Articles Review: You might think that being the new kid on the block in this area, the company would start off with something more conservative and common in terms of designs and features, but it sure looks like it wants to come in with rapier v1 gaming mouse big bang!


Combined with the combination smooth rapier v1 gaming mouse surface and rubber textured sides, gripping and controlling the mouse is a breeze. Agree or disagree, or just have a question? Search Gadget Speak reviews: Flicking this either way increases or decreases the chosen DPI setting from one of four pre-selected choices.

Use a text link, or download an image. For ardent game rs it has a good range of additional attractions.

And this mouse is adjustable, a flap rapier v1 gaming mouse the underside gives access to a compartment with five removable 4. Each macro can contain up to steps, which cover everything from key presses, with up and down being separate parts of the macro, to pauses and delays.

Nothing that some games won’t let you gmaing themselves, but a nice advantage to have in games where you can’t. See what the experience can budget gaming rapiwr bring to you.

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It just glides effortlessly over it, likewise the plain desk. Rapier v1 gaming mouse of smooth, it features just about the slickest teflon feet we’ve ever encountered. Every Call of Duty game ranked from worst to best.