There are over employees and branches in China and Holland for supporting dealers and distributors in over 50 countries and over channel partners. Random Pic Click to enlarge. I found the cables stuffed away inside a mesh pocket within the backpack, the CD’s inside a pocket, and the video card was found deep within the inside. Print Version Of Article. The indicators seem to be that the X GTO is ‘hard locked’, so software or videocard BIOS hacks will not be capable of re-enabling the remaining pipelines. Providing one of each eliminates converters for any single-screen setups. The steps by which silicon processors of one specific core design are tested and graded is called “speed binning.

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At that timeframe I decided to halt our affiliation with them as I was that displeased and could not support their products through this media outlet of ours. Often times motherboard and videocard manufacturers neglect to apply sufficient thermal paste on the base of heatsinks, and that has consequences when push comes to shove.

I like the way they set this up, because most people buying this kind of x80 only have one monitor and only need one type of connector or the other. I’ve even spoken to people who had heat spreaders will off of GPUs.


ATI Radeon X800 GTO Mini Roundup: Sapphire, Connect3D, and PowerColor

Welcome Stranger to OCC! Like I mentioned on the last page, this heatsink may have been designed for the X GT, which seems to be a hotter card.

The 56 is a more affordable graphics car While support for SM 3.

In this case it’s just splattered all over the silicon. I can’t hear it, and it’s placed in a pretty quiet system. Find More Video Cards Articles. The X Pro also has a smaller and lighter copper cooler on it than on the XT.

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PowerColor X Pro Video Card Review – Overclockers Club

There are over employees and branches in China and Holland for supporting dealers and distributors in over 50 countries and over channel partners. Instead, I saw a black backpack with Powercolor’s logo engraved on it. Search For More Articles! The software package from Powercolor is postcard thin, but that can be overlooked with the cards economical price tag. Watch our Tech Videos. The MB’s worth of memory is only mildly warm to the touch when running 3D games. So three -four years ago I was extremely displeased with the quality of the PowerColor product line.

PowerColor Radeon x Pro review – Page 1

This three slot cooled mainstream graphics card series will allow you to play your games in both the Full HD P range as With over 15 different pockets, it should make an excellent LAN party bag.


PowerColor on the other hand went a little overboard applying ‘silvery’ thermal paste on the ATI ‘R’ core.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. We have seen a lot of discussion about the products in our forums and the trend shows that things have improved for the better for sure.

I think all higher end video cards should come with something similar like this. Tul powercolro Pro More info: With up to 4: These two Geforce GPUs are currently some of the best mid-level videocards out there.

PowerColor X800 Pro Video Card Review

As the curtain is about to be drawn on it, ATi are releasing one last blast of mainstream Xvariations. The 50mm fan is a bit on the noisy side. Join us in this article where we’ll tell you all about its performanc It’s evident that the Powercolor X GTO videocard is collecting RPM signals from the fan, so it should have the capacity to throttle the speed to meet demand Latest News Hardware Roundup: Forum Posts Hardware Roundup: