Replace the waste ink absorber as follows in the error occurs: The symbol rate is recorded in the ITU-T standards manual. Signals of the frequencies below are sent from the modem using the modular jack and the speaker. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. In this fax, it remains fixed in this initial position, so Adaptive Template is not used. Technical Reference This part explains the technical theory of the product. The wiping operation is performed at the following times:

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Then refer to the report that was printed out beforehand and enter the various data. The corresponding image multippass of the line are then read and stored to memory. Fire hazard When using IPA or other solvents during servicing, heat or sparks from internal electronic circuits can ignite the solvent.


Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Damage to the document caused by the separation roller can be minimized by switching to the manual document feed position when sending single sheets such as thick-stock paper or photographs. Some host computers must have ECP mode set. Actually, the hexadecimal value will be shifted to the left two times, and the hexadecimal will be over Even if the paper size setting is smaller than the actual paper size, printing will be executed and no error will result.


Trusted seller, fast shipping, and easy returns. Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Use the solvent in a well-ventilated area. Number sent from the other party or number dialled: To use the special function buttons, press this button to turn on its light. In this fax, it remains fixed in this initial position, so Adaptive Template is not used. Test print is no good. Mono Copy Resolution x dpi with smoothing ; Color Copy Resolution x dpi grayscale.

Canon MultiPass C Service manual |

Shipping cost cannot be calculated. System dump list 3. Also, you check on the display whether or not the modem correctly detected received tone signals and DTMF signals.

The image has vertical stripes. Paper Guide When properly adjusted to the width of the documents, the guide will hold the documents in the horizontal direction to prevent them from skewing when fed.

Numeric key 0 1 2 ecanner 4 5 Baud rate baud baud baud baud baud Not used baud Search key Speed bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps bps The transmission level for each frequency follows the service data.

The black has 64 nozzles while the color has 24 nozzles each multipaes Y, M, and C. The receiving fax did not answer within 35 seconds. There are also 6 sensors to detect system status. Interface Required Connector Type.


Setting or changing the MultiPASS Toolbar settings (Windows)- C555 / C755 / C530 / C560

For details on the initialization procedure and the data that is erased, see Chapter 3: General Description This part explains product specifications and the how to service the unit safely. When the carriage passes by from right to left, the blade rises to contact the print head and wipe away paper fibers and ink residue.

The following output encoding is shortened and its compression increased. A 2-dot correction on the right is necessary Mmultipass of 1st line Printout of 2nd line Printout of 3rd line Center Figure Sample Test Pattern with Vertical Misalignment All registration defaults are 0.

During quantization, the high-frequency elements which have little effect on the image seen by the eye are lost, so the original data is not perfectly restored. Replace the BJ cartridge. By learning in this way, the probability of the study table matching the next time is increased, and the need for encoding decreased.

The detection level of the ink detection sensor is adjusted automatically by means of a feedback circuit, and thus requires no manual adjustment.