The smallest possible size reduces the chances of it being damaged, also it does not need to be updated nearly as frequently as U-Boot. Post by Cyrille Pitchen Hi Brian,. The feature is not applicable in this configuration e. The sunxi-fel tool can be run on an x86 desktop system to program the SPI flash over a Micro-USB cable and bring a non-bootable Allwinner device back to life [1]. Only one NAND chip can be used. The HP names vary and not all of them have been tested yet. Please tell me the required changes to flash the dtb , kernel and rootfs rw.

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Indeed, in the best case, only Spansion memories are correctly supported by the current spi-nor framework.

Linux-Kernel Archive: [PATCH] m25p Add support of Macronix SPI flash

The feature was tested and should work in general unless there is a bug in flashrom or another component in the system prohibits some functionality. This number may have previouly been set to an unsupported value by an early bootloader or at reset thanks to the Non-Volatile Configuration Register.

Please tell me what am I missing here.

The wires are entangled and tied in a knot, with the SPI flash module being more or less fixated in place and sticking upwards.

None of these tasks is particularly challenging from the purely technical point of view, but kernel bureaucrats may turn this activity into a long lasting open source show It is not clear whether doing firmware updates via flashrom or some other generic tool is a great idea. Still untested and needs to be confirmed. Ideally, the user should have full control over the firmware upgrade it is the user who owns the device and not the other way around. And for the sake of convenience, when doing upgrades on the device itself, the firmware can implement asymmetric cryptography to ensure that upgrade only happens to new versions of the firmware from the same trusted author.


Privacy policy About flashrom Disclaimers. I have selected 0x Physical address of main memory in the kernel and my r7ssmrza1l. Try these commands that download directly to a single QSPI flash: Parsed gpiochip gpio-6 with 16 pins pinctrl-rza1 fcfe Continuing regardless SCSI subsystem initialized usbcore: Thanks and regards, Nagaraja.

Total amount of known good mainboards: This is non-negligible, but might be still worth it at least to avoid the frustrated “I plugged the power but there is nothing on the monitor” support requests from inexperienced users.

There are many comments in the source code to explain the implementation choices based on the datasheets from memory manufacturers.

[PATCH] m25p80: Add support of Macronix SPI flash

So, when you do this command: So is this an oversight in patches like Bean’s patch? Mounted root axfs filesystem readonly on device 0: Hit any key to stop autoboot: For this, it is the same between different flash manufacturers.

For this maybe not the same between different flash manufactures. Another concern is the fact that the firmware updater needs to be at least a little bit intelligent and try to prevent the user from doing obviously stupid acts such as flashing an incompatible firmware intended for a different device model.


The main U-Boot binary can get a more complete implementation for handling SPI flash, also with a full write support by making use of the driver model and the existing SPI framework. Out of memory and no killable processes Post by Brian Norris My next question if my understanding is roughly correct is, do we need the modes, and what risks come with them?

Some other boards are also underway and are expected to become available soon. Total amount of known good mobile devices: It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Also, I see a lot of good comments in patch 2 about Spansion vs. That is lnux you are getting the out of memory messages. Write its own bootloader to some accessible higher priority bootable media for example an SD card and then program the SPI flash from it. In order to improve boot time a little macrobix, probably the SPL header can be extended to include a special optional field for the maximum supported SPI clock speed and also the number of dummy cycles for the Read Data Bytes at Higher Speed 0Bh command.