My system has the popup as “Local Physical ” and nothing selected for a serial port. Have you tried using your external IP ort x instead of the dynamic name to see what happens? The plugin won’t even try to use that info if you’re using an IP connection. No port forwarding is required to use remote access. This would have the added security of not exposing your IoT type devices to the world. The best advice I can give you is fire up wireshark and watch the traffic the RA2 triggers on the local network and make sure whatever ports get used are forwarded.

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No errors in the logs including full debug logs. I say it was but I can’t see it on a newer controller.

And Yes i tried everything on KB article Issue is only when running parallels over wifi. My apologies for not knowing, but how do I set compatibility mode?

Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue. Ten raeiora after RadioRa debuted—followed by several incompatible variations of the product—Lutron has putron on a single RF technology for that class of wireless lighting controls: Used to be one tick box. I had mine installed roughly 4 years ago.


Lutron RadioRa 2: A New Era of Wireless Home Control

State-of-the-art technology is used to calculate the appropriate position of window treatments based on the geographical luyron and orientation of the home. I’ll give that a go.

What took so long on the thermostat? Security dealers and home-tech integrators should try Nextdoor. I don’t have any Caseta, but I am really interested in knowing if I could support both Caseta and Radio RA2 Select installed in the same house at the same time.

Lutron RadioRA 2 System Overview

It will only work while radiorra phone is connected within the UniFI network which is the issue. Have you tried using your external IP ort x instead of the dynamic name to see what happens?

It happens when someone opens SimpleControl at my house, which also integrates with Lutron. Do you already have an account? Some plugin are on GitHub and some are download files from the Indigo forum hosting software? Posted on Sun Dec 31, 8: Granted a service such as DynDNS charges an annual fee as well, but I already have a subscription for other purposes so it was a no brainer with my previous router to do.

DylanS2Aug 2, Julie also participates in these groups: The range of the RadioRa 2 repeater is similar to that of its predecessor: Multiroom Audio Installations Special Report: It’s not the USG though if configured correctlylike I said I have many, many services networ, directly in my network, 2 dedicated web servers for webrelays, a Mac webserver and separate web servers for WordPress, MediaWiki, and RoundCube, as well as 10 IP web cameras running web servers, calendar services, etc.


No port forwarding is required to use remote access. My experience ardiora a lot of this sorty of IoT thing is that the RF ends tend to be older legacy wifi chips and only work if you set to legacy mode. Posted on Sat Oct 21, 7: Same MacBook Pro with same fresh copy of Windows Radioar Terms of Service Privacy Policy.

My apologies if my reply seemed angry or annoyed. I tried but can’t get it to reproduce those results. I used to know exactly where it was.

If you can, try taking out that lutorn use my settings and see if it still works. Put in the Network Socket info and it started working?!? Posted on Sun Dec 31, 9: