Each drive must be selected individually for download. If incompatible firmware is sent to a device, an error message is displayed. The device analysis rule compares the number of cleanings to the amount of tape pulling hours. Generic to tool There is some inconsistency between the reporting of data capacity and volume between tests. This option should only be set to True if all of the media in the selected range is compatible with all of the elements in the selected range. Requires that a cartridge be already loaded or in the process of loading when the test is started. Allow any firmware file for [drives or libraries] This option allows mapping of the device firmware to a product irrespective of the device’s product ID.

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The default is seconds. The software can be configured to check the Web automatically for firmware updates for connected devices, or users can manually coulld the Web for updates if the automatic update feature is not desired. Make sure that the option to create a directory is enabled in the archiving software.

The test pulls over 60 logs from the drives and analyzes them with about 20 rules and sub-rules. The device list also changes to display instructions on this page if the instructions preference is enabled. This information streamlines the support process and enables the support staff to better serve you if a support call is made later. Depending on the library model and test options selected, this test may ht data.


All scripts have a digital signature and cannot be altered. The InstallShield Wizard screen is displayed. We upgraded our file server to about 2 months ago, it was orginally and was working fine with the tape drive that is plugged into that server. Please use the relevant Command View GUI miniporrt access to the support information for the physical device.

Command line syntax The Device Self-Test is available from the command line. Clicking this button opens a form that allows you to provide all the necessary information. Checks the test cartridge history to insure it is suitable for running the test.

Hi all, I have just tried what was suggested by Larry and Siddh, Unfortunately still no joy, please see the log attached if you can make more sense of it than I can?!

HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide

In the I would like to box, click download drivers and software. However, on other libraries, this test may overwrite data depending on how the test options are configured.

The downloaded files are automatically placed in the Firmware directory. Mainly focused on LTO tests in this release. Thanks for your quick responses. Click the device to update in the device list.


DAT 40×6 Autoloader Identify Problems – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Contact HP support to obtain a factory password. If release notes are available, they are displayed in the File Details window. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. You can accept the default location minniport click Browse to install to a different location. The Test screen displays the currently selected test with a description, and lists the available devices to be tested.

Solved: L&TT doesn’t find Internal DLT VS80 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This test does not allow writing to a WORM cartridge. Device-specific utilities are accessed from the Utility screen and operated like the tests. This is the first place to look for health information and advice on corrective action.

Thanks for the help. SuSE 10 SP2 support added. If Internet Explorer is not displayed on the system, a Windows error message is displayed. This action mot mount the image.

Current password entered This option lets you enter the factory password. The NTP server didnt respond”. Otherwise, a support ticket will be generated.