By moving the mouse, I move my point of view. Before it was possible to do such things using browser plugins as well but that possibility is being deprecated and removed by the browser vendors for security reasons. Most of the time, uevents should be enough to use the 3D mouse in supported applications but Xevents has one advantage, it’s capable of handle proprietary driver protocol Magellan. Post as a guest Name. I use Blender 2.

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But if your application doesn’t run on top of X proprietary driver is useless. Spacemouss likely expects the official horribly insecure and generally terrible 3DConnexion driver https: Have a look at the open source SpaceNav project http: How to configure with Blender?

SpaceNavigator – Gentoo Wiki

If everything is OK, a static library libndofdev. FreeCAD supports drivers from project Spacenav.

Every help is welcome! The mess you have with the driver is likely a bug in the driver or just spacemojse code. The evdev approach above provides an absolute pointer that always re-centers on the screen. Note Before the version 2.

3DConnexion SpaceNavigator in Linux

And can I custom the button actions? Respectively, if the device doesn’t work in Blender make sure the daemon is running and xinput is not listing the device. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


This is why two additional pages were added to “Customize” dialog. First you need to install Spacenav, which I’ve found works very simply. After you do, list of buttons will appear spacemuse the left side, and list of commands will be available on the right side.

3Dconnexion input devices

When you open this tab for the first time, it will be empty and unavailable. To be able to use spacenavd used in this article you need to compile kinux kernel with input evdev support as well as with support for Logitech HID devices and Physical Interface Device support.

Finally, with modern systems it is possible to configure SpaceNavigator as XInput device and use the standard X APIs to access it, the same as you would e.

I use Blender 2. That would be great!

3Dconnexion input devices – FreeCAD Documentation

The use flag was only renamed after slacemouse version 2. Working SpaceNavigator according to the instructions above. Also see the 10 in the spacenavd FAQ:. Do you have any directions? Some informations about how I installed it from the given CD: Retrieved from ” https: If your Linux uses HAL for device management, it is possible that your Navigator will be recognized as a mouse and the cursor on the screen will keep moving when spacemluse apply pressure on the cap.

Recent Drivers  HP 630C DRIVER DOWNLOAD

After installing spacenavd you could check out linuz following file before starting anything, normally default values works for everyone. Regarding the detection of the navigator — I am using enumeration, another possibility is to use libusb to enumerate and talk to the device. If you still want to do this pointless hack no matter what, you can use the uinput not xinput driver to inject input device messages into the kernel.

The place where the cable leaves the body marks the top orientation of the device as with a normal 2D mouse. By default, the spacenavd daemon use the uevent mechanism but can alternatively use x11 socket to handle events. Ability spacemosue build the Second Life client from sources. Install ‘spacenav’, I expect most Linux distros would have a package for this. Just unpack the archive and run make.