Kaufman, who was in starring in TV’s Taxi as the indeterminately foreign Latka Gravas, had been wrestling women from the audience in clubs and on Saturday Night Live and had dubbed himself the World Intergender Wrestling Champion, belt and all. He was also a frequent guest on sketch comedy and late-night talk shows , particularly Late Night with David Letterman. Robin Williams, Tony Danza, and Marilu Henner offer conflicting testimony as to whether Kaufman was truly mad or just playing a joke that no one else was in on. When Kaufman pinned her again in the rematch, he apparently got a little carried away, rubbing her face into the mat and refusing to let up. He invited anyone interested to meet him on the Staten Island Ferry the next morning, where the show continued.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vic Ferrari Band can’t escape the question”.

The Memphis Flyer: Cover Story – July 24,

oiledriver Al Jeanco-creator of the animated series The Kauf,anhas stated that the first season drawing of Jon Lovitz ‘s character Jay Sherman was loosely based on Kaufman. Lawler was brazen, spouting off to the press about how he’d meant to injure Kaufman, about how he was glad he had, and about how the comedian deserved it for mocking wrestling.

New York CityU. Retrieved July 12, There had been a plan, but Kaufman getting smacked wasn’t part of it.

He was also a frequent guest on sketch comedy and late-night talk showsparticularly Late Night with David Letterman. Retrieved October 7, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Before the segment faded to commercial, Lawler stood up and slapped Kaufman clear out of his chair.


The Complete First Season, — She was throwing him everywhere. SometimesLawler detailed how they came up with the angle and kept it quiet. At the end of the show, she stood up, took her mask off and revealed to the audience that she was actually comedian Robin Williams in disguise. A farewell to Andy Kaufman by one who shared the ride”.

Andy Kaufman

Lawler knows how to ride the thin line between truth and fiction and makes a living by not separating the two. Andy Kaufman is still alive”.

Lost in the Funhouse: Kaufman finally prevailed, but it had been close enough to warrant a rematch, this time with Lawler coaching Foxy from the piledrver.

After audiences were shocked by his gaunt appearance during January performances, Kaufman acknowledged that he had an unspecified illness which he hoped to cure with natural medicineincluding a diet of all fruits and vegetables, among other measures.

Latka Gravas in Taxi — Forman named his twin sons, born inAndrew and James, after Kaufman and Carrey. And Other Fantasies [78].

Andy Kaufman – Wikipedia

Retrieved October 3, Kaufman is still hailed as a comic genius, and Lawler has a tape or two to serve as a warning to those who would claim that his sport is phony.

Kaufman received palliative radiotherapybut by then the cancer had spread from his lungs to his brain.


After working in small comedy clubs in the early pledriver, Kaufman came to the attention of a wider audience inwhen he was invited to perform portions of his act on the first season of Saturday Night Live.

The Truth, Finallya book claiming that Ladler death was indeed a prank, and that he would soon be revealing himself, as his upper limit on the “prank” kaufkan 30 years. I never could understand why he would accept that or agree to that if he didn’t think there was going to be some kind of meeting between he and I, something mutually agreed upon where he wouldn’t get hurt. Retrieved August 27, Kaufman also had an elderly woman Eleanor Cody Gould pretend to have a heart attack and die on stage, at which point he reappeared on stage wearing a Native American headdress and performed piledrivsr dance over her body, “reviving” her.

December 1,Process Publishinga book containing the letters sent to Kaufman challenging him to wrestle. InJakks Pacific produced for their WWE Classic Superstars toy line an action figure two-pack of Kaufman and Lawler, as well as a separate figures release for each of them. Follow your own drumbeat. Wrestlers are like magicians, but instead of refusing to explain their tricks, they refuse to admit that there’s any trickery lawlef all.