The active switching could happen right in the monitor rather than on your face so we could keep the passive glasses. Polarization has to do with the way the light moves as a wave. But the bottom line is that we just can’t recommend this product. I found this yesterday, its called iz3d and there’s a free driver on their website that allows your games to be played in 3d in anaglyphic mode which means with the cyan and red 3d glasses you can get! Note that our photobox is clearly visible in the reflection The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. At in between angles, a proportional amount of light is filtered out.

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Sorry for taking so much to reply. It is not a problem you would get from glasses in the movies or Nvidia 3d Vision. Dont get me wrong I am anaglyp about the output method anaglyph not the IZ3D driver. Because of that hugh price aanaglyph I feel the need to ask if there will be still support in upcoming games like the owners of the IZ3d Monitor will get? Even if you are able to force your eyes to focus at the right distance, you would still have three different images: I found this yesterday, its called iz3d and there’s a free driver on their website that allows your games to be played in 3d in ddisplay mode which means with the cyan and red 3d glasses you can get!

It’s pretty cool although it will make you feel dizzy after 15 minutes. NVIDIA’s 3D Vision gets close, but is still lacking and needs better support from developers and is not available to owners of other graphics hardware. The dizzyness is not my personal problem, it is a know problem with the fact that the anaglyph glasses have annoying high contrast colours, which make the palette of the game look bad and won’t let you play for more than some 15 minutes without feeling bad.

Recent Drivers  V1456VQE DRIVER

Their latest beta driver does try to make things easier with a wizard that is overlaid on the screen to help determine how to set convergence and separation, but even this is clunky and not very user friendly.

Hi, in the light of the upcoming IZ3D general driver end of march? Their drivers can enable stereo viewing on any PC through anaglyph the red and blue tinted images we are all familiar with in addition to working with various other technologies like stereo projectors.

Sun Jun 17, Worth a try if you want to know what is like to play in 3d. What should be seen is only a left eye image, but a ghost of the right eye image is clearly visible on the flags. So to work around that problem I took tons of s3d screen shots to be able to check those pics out using my normal planar mirror setup. This is nothing one eye should ever see. The bottom line, however, is that NVIDIA’s approach draws exactly what should be shown to the left eye on one frame and then exactly what should be shown to the right eye on the next.

NVIDIA has made this very compact, but it is still tough to fit over regular glasses for those who need this. With iZ3D, polarization is used to selectively adapt the brightness of each color for each pixel in order to iz3e a close approximation of what the left eye should see through its degree lens and what the right eye should see in its 45 degree lens.

The key difference with GeForce 3D Vision is that active glasses flash between translucent and black every th of a second. I read about the v1. Google [Bot] and 5 guests. For the enthusiast, iZ3D does do a good job of explaining how to tweak the settings to get a good stereo experience, which NVIDIA definitely leaves out.


This topic is locked from further discussion. With iZ3D’s solution, two display outputs must be connected to the monitor, but 3D Vision only requires one.

iZ3D Driver 1.13(5443)

For one th of a second, the right lens is clear and the left is black, and for the next th of a second, the right lens is black and the left is clear. Hi BlackQ, thank you for your answers. This anaglyh of hardware and software compatibility make it more attractive than NVIDIA’s offering which only runs on NVIDIA graphics cards, despite the fact that this isn’t exactly necessary from a technological displag point. BlackQ Sharp Eyed Eagle!

Bring back the main forum list. The wizard takes risplay through ten steps of looking and adjusting various aspects of the image, and for a novice to step in and pick this up without getting frustrated is asking way too much. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

iZ3D – Wikipedia

Let me clarify that last bit. We really want pervasive, great looking stereoscopic gaming, but it seems we’re going to have to izd a little while longer as no one is offering a holy grail solution Imagine having a single object and instead of seeing two different images one with each eye you saw four different images both the left and right view in both eyes.

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