I think I would start with the Overcut setting first. Suggested Answer 7 months ago. True if the given IO line has a digital value, False otherwise. I have CorelDraw suite Not Answered 11 months ago. Here is a screen shot of the software:. True if the given IOLine has an analog value, False otherwise.

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Well, I went into the cutter settings and did several test changes, including the blade overcut, which didn’t help anything, and blade steering arc which includes the blade offset.

If the cutter has been doing a good job and just started leaving the picks and you hadn’t made any setting changes you could look for a lose or wore blade holder, bad blade, or the bios for the Ioline may need to be reloaded. Suggested Answer 7 months ago. But you may want to wait to see if loline gives you better advice.

Ioline Cutter Blades |

Each bit corresponds to one digital IO line on the module:. Ioline cutter leaving tags on my lettering. I think I would start with the Overcut setting first.

However, Iolime did not change the minimum angle. Instantiates a new IOSample object with the provided parameters.

The sample contains an analog and digital mask indicating which IO lines are configured with that functionality. Here is a screen shot of the software:. You didn’t say what cutting software you are using but you just have to go in and adjust for that offset.


A Ioline was the first cutter I had back in an it took me a while to learn what I was playing with, but I was using AutoCad with CadLink in DOS, you should have a lot less trouble with what you have. Power supply value, None if the sample does not contain power supply value.

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Its not because the blade needs changing, because it does this even after Ive just changed the blade. Answered 8 months ago. The content herein is in the form of a personal web log “Blog” or forum posting.

I am using the Ioline software that came with the machine I guess. Depending on the protocol the XBee device is executing, the digital and analog masks are retrieved in separated bytes 2 bytes for the digital mask and 1 for the analog mask or merged contained digital iolinne analog masks are contained in 2 bytes.

I am not purchasing it, but it converted all my files to and now I can’t open them. All recent questions and discussions Unread questions and discussions Questions and discussions you’ve participated in Questions and discussions you’ve started Unanswered questions and discussions Answered questions and discussions Questions with suggested answers. Here is a screen shot of the software: Not Answered 11 months ago. In my book, how can I make a particular object to be always preceded by a particular text line.


It doesn’t hurt to reload the bios but I would get the latest ver.

Ioline Cutter Blades

Each bit in the analog channel mask corresponds to one ADC line on the module. Depending on the hardware and firmware of the device, the number of lines that can be used as well as their functionality may vary. I did a trial of XBee Python Library latest.

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Ioline cutter leaving tags on my lettering

True if the given IOLine has an analog value, False otherwise. But they work the same way. True if there are analog values, False otherwise. Read the Docs v: But has the cutter been working the way it should and just started leaving picks in the vinyl or are you starting a new setup? Does anyone know why my Ioline cutter keeps leaving these little ‘tags’ on my lettering?