However with The Heartbreak Kid, they make their worst film. Even with some comedians on-screen, the film didn’t possess anything memorable. The Farrelly Brothers are passed their prime, and have yet to return to the making great comedies. It just falls flat, flat, flat. I’ll pay a compliment to Ben Stiller and say this was his best work.

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Ben Stiller is alright, but he can’t hold up a movie by himself.

View All Critic Reviews The humour is just right, you can relate to it, it has alittle slapstick and also quite sharp here heartbrezk there. The gags really didn’t hold up, and grew tiresome after awhile.

Miranda, we are ready to play Parcheesi! An almost laugh free comedy, The Heartbreak Kid is a film to avoid. I always like Danny McBride. Stephanie Courtney as Gayla.

Funniest Scene From Heartbreak Kid

Some of their films are modern classics and are still funny time and time again. I found the film to be unfunny, and tiresome with a cast that simply didn’t bring anything good to the screen. I felt that the film could have been much better, and though it had piledriver interesting idea, simply didn’t do anything for me.


Malin Akerman as Lila. But in the end Michele Monaghan saved this movie. May 15, Full Review….

Funniest Scene From Heartbreak Kid – Video | eBaum’s World

Rob Coddry has a small, but decent role. Bitches are crazy, you know that. However with The Heartbreak Kid, they make their worst film. Melvin White Super Reviewer. Its all very predictable of course but that’s OK, this is just a fun ride to make you feel good, nothing to special though.

Season 4 Doctor Who: The movie isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination and is actually quite dull in sections. I like the Stillers allot, most comedies Ben makes are really fun, light hearted and usually spoofy, this has the added bonus of having his piledrivsr Jerry in there with him. Though not as engaging as Knocked Up, there is enough humor to keeps us entertained.

Now Eddie must keep his new, increasingly horrid wife at bay as he attempts to woo the woman of his dreams. Carlos Mencia as Uncle Tito. Season 2 DC’s Heartbteak of Tomorrow: Jerry Stiller as Doc. If The Heartbreak Kid doesn’t go totally wrong, its big problem is that doesn’t really go anywhere.


August 12, Full Review…. When your wife, on her honeymoon, asks you to cock her, you cock her good, God damn it! Unfortunately this is one bad film that uses its comedy in a really bad way. October 10, Rating: Peter FarrellyBobby Farrelly.

This film was bad, and I was expecting more from this, I was great disappointed with this one. The Heartbreak Kid simply doesn’t have the same charm as other Farrelly Brothers comedies. If you’re expecting something good from this film, you’ll be sadly disappointed.