These blue-legended keys are activated by pressing and holding the Fn key in the lower left corner of the keyboard. This lack of tactility, or more spongy feel, makes it more difficult for users to properly gauge the amount of force required to press each key. Rather than trying to do the whole adjustment process at once, Goldtouch recommends that you start out by using the keyboard in the straight position for a while, to get the feel of the keys and layout. It was this second-generation board that I received when I contacted Goldtouch for a review sample. The degree of both tent and splay can easily be configured or reconfigured by different users at the same workstation.

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Making no effort to imitate the clicky feel of mechanical switches, they instead play to the advantages of membranes, with a gentle feel that makes pressing each key seem less like work. The Goldtouch V2 is Learn More About Pronation Reduces Risk of Wrist Injury – Typing on a conventional keyboard requires experienced typists to bend the wrists outward towards the little finger in order to keep the fingers in the correct position on the home row.

The Goldtouch keyboard can be set in an infinite number of positions goldtouh a locking-lever ball joint. Also, the tilt feet are very near the middle of the keyboard. New 3D Interactive Virtual Product. Connecting a keyboard to the computer via any of the ports on the Goldtouch Numeric Keypad can cause both devices to malfunction.


Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard by Key Ovation : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

When not tented, the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard has a slight positive incline. The answer is the GTN, a soon-to-be-released version of the new V2 keyboard. A brand new design and no friction feet?

Learn More About Ulnar Deviation. The Insert and Delete keys have been slightly increased in size, and moved to the upper right corner of the keyboard. This mechanism allows the two halves to be tented upwards to address pronation, splayed keyoard to address ulnar deviation, or splayed and tented to address both risk factors.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

After the M15 was discontinued inGoldtouch brought its own version to market — with a much-improved pivot locking mechanism, thankfully. The degree of both tent and splay can easily be configured or reconfigured by different users at the same workstation. A sturdy lever locks the chosen configuration into place.

Some precise adjustments may be necessary to ensure the two halves are symmetrical before the lock is secured.

Maybe this is necessary because of the splay feature, but it makes the outer edges wobbly to type on. The membrane keys of the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard are full size, full travel and low force. The editing keys are evenly distributed to balance the workload on the hands and fingers.

When the two halves of goldtohch keyboard are splayed outward, the strain caused by this unnatural bend at the wrist is eliminated, and the forearm, wrist and hands remain in comfortable alignment throughout the work session.


I like the Goldtouch. You can address this problem with a couple goldtpuch rubber bands laid flat, but really? Its original version was developed in by a manufacturing trio that included Lexmark and IBM. The two halves of the keyboard are connected by a locking ball joint. At the end of this adjustment process, you should find that your keyboard is in the ideal position for your particular body type and requirements.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard Review – Ergonomic Info

Goldtouch pays homage to this new wisdom with a pair of fold-out front feet. The Goldtouch keyboard uses membrane, or rubber dome keyswitches, putting it in a separate class from the more expensive mechanical keyboards such as the Kinesis Advantage. The Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards in An embedded numeric keypad is built into the right side of the keyboard for those who need more frequent access to numbers.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard. The Goldtouch V2 shows its trendiness by including all the standard media control keys, plus the less-useful Gildtouch, Calculator, etc.

The Goldtouch V2 includes rubberized edges that were not present on the earlier model. If you listen to ergonomists, I would have done better never to have noticed them at all. But what if your Mac croaks and you buy a PC, or vice versa?

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard flat.