It’s the world first 8-track that records into solid-state, Compact Flash Card memory – and there’s more! Need it now but short of cash? The Fostex MR-8 produces excellent aural quality. I quickly able to record my keyboard parts that taient pr-dj mixes, then add the vocals, choirs and solo acoustic guitar. Overall, the Fostex MR-8 is a fantastic option for anyone who needs a professional-quality eight-track recorder.

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Fostex MR-8 Digital Recorder Review

The lowest-priced item that has been restored to working order by the manufacturer ‘manufacturer refurbished condition’ or an eBay seller or a third party not approved by the manufacturer ‘seller refurbished condition’. SOUNDS The effects are trs effective for voice, but limited, and the only effect guitar overdrive is not effective trs.

I have created some beautiful sounding things and I’m sure if I had professional equipment, i could get near-profeesional sounding results.

About this product Product Information The Fostex MR-8 8-Track Digital Recorder is a fantastic entry-level product for aspiring musicians or pros looking for a simple and accessible digital reproduction mrr. The effects are O.

Fostex MR-8 Mk2 Digital Recorder

It is definintely worth the mony and it is foshex a class all by itself as far as value. MIDI sync out, chain play mode, signature and tempo maps, bar offset, click level, song libraries, and on and on are available to be used as your grasp of digital recording gets tighter.

A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on zZounds. Its also nice if you want to go somewhere like out in the woods because it can run on batteries and has a built in mic. I like this unit very much. I was able to record as soon as i got my compact flash card a MB card comes with a new unit for storage, but i bought a MB compact flash card because i heard the wasnt enough space. Simple and easy Interface.

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With the MR-8, Fostex has proven digital can be simple, and they’ve produced a fully functional digital recorder that costs less than many analog cassette multitrackers. That is especially cool because there’s built-in analog distortion with a level control right there plus a three-setting amp simulator that really sounds good. People who bought this item also bought. Request a new review. I recommend it to lay down tracks anywhere inspiration strikes.

While frustrating, we are trying to work around it. The guitar distortion sucks unless you want a very digital sound, then its OK. When recording with the MR8, you can get high-quality recordings with this specialized device without needing a long training period. So I think that anybody who complains about the MR-8’s sound is expecting too much.

It runs on batteries or included power supply so you can take it anywhere, and it gives you simple yet effective options you’ll actually use. It is the most inexpensive cheap is not a word that should be associated with this product 8 track recorder on the market, and it gets the job done. Been trying to get ahold of someone at fostex to get replacement buttons but no luck yet Its a really easy to use digital 8 track, even though its more like a digital 6 track casue 4 of the channels are split into 2 dedicated mixdown channels, you can still record on them only on the left or right channell, if you want stero you take up two tracks, other then that a great piece of euipment.

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I found the lower res was perfectly acceptable for the projects I work on at home. I took it to small pieces classical and composite characters. With exprience, I would resume trs certainly the same device.

Capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are. If you want this thing right now, Musician’s Friend is the only place to get it. The actual recorder is just a very small part of a professional setup.

If you continue using this website, we will assume that you are happy about that. I went online to research products that allow you to do so.

Easy to move from basement studio to computer. If yo u handle it as fragile, and don’t leave the batteries in when your not using it, it should give you plenty of service and blast for the bucks.

You MUST look at the list off of the fostex website to make sure you’re buying a good compact flash card if you chose to buy one with more storage, which would be smart that is compatable with the mr8 because not all of them are. The best way that I have found to get a close professional sound is to mike all your instruments or amps and go from there.