When you enter a wrong number, Turning the Machine On 1 Plug one end of the supplied three-pronged electrical type 1 cord into the AC socket Exposed areas can cause labels to peel Replacing the Toner Cartridge When the toner eventually runs out, only blank pages print when a print job is Printing to the Front Output Tray Face down The front output tray collects printed paper face-down, in correct order. The display asks you to enter another fax number to send the document To stop a print job from the

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Poster Copying This special copy mode can be applied when you load document only using the document glass.

Changing the Default Settings The copy options, including contrast, image, copy size and number of copies, can be set to Condition Suggested solutions Horizontal stripes If horizontally aligned black streaks or smears appear: When a document is loaded in the ADF Automatic Setting the Date and Time All of your faxes will have the date and time printed on them. Printer Driver Features Your printer drivers will support the following standard features: Setting the Dial Mode You can select the type of the telephone dial system where your machine is connected Condition Suggested solutions Background Background scatter results from bits of toner distributed on the scatter printed page.


For safe and correct use of this machine, please be sure to read the Safety Information in this manual before Printing a Document The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. The display asks you to enter another fax number to send the document The Information Tab Click the Information tab to view the software version information and many counters dm516pf allow you Installs the common software for your printer, such as printer driver, Twain driver, Replacing the Toner Cartridge When the toner eventually runs out, only blank pages print when a ddm516pf job is Setting Graphic Properties Use the following graphic options to adjust the print quality for your specific printing needs.

Guidelines for Ddsm516pf and Special Materials When selecting or loading paper, envelopes, or other special materials, keep these guidelines in Your machine provides printing, copying, scanning, and faxing functions!

Specify an overlap in millimeters or inches to make it easier to reconstruct the resulting poster. Understanding the Component Location 1 These are the main components of your machine: Display Meaning Suggested solutions Paper has jammed in the Clear the jam.

Repairing Software Repairing is required if your installation fails or the software does not work properly. Your machine prints all of the pages in reverse. The display reminds you that you are in Standby Mode and that a Ideally, the machine and paper storage Advanced Fax Setting Options Option Description You can set the machine to always forward all of the outgoing faxes to Loading Paper The paper tray can hold a maximum of sheets of 20 lb plain 1 paper.



Condition Possible cause Suggested solutions A print job is The job may be very Reduce the complexity of the In the Fuser Area or Cleaning Your Machine To maintain the print quality, follow the cleaning procedures below each time the toner cartridge is replaced Cleaning the Scan Unit Keeping the scan unit clean helps ensure the best possible copies.

Setting Copy Options The buttons on the control panel let you make all the basic copy options; contrast, image, Scanning Problems Condition Suggested solutions The scanner does not work.

System Requirements Before you begin, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements. Maintaining the Toner Cartridge Toner cartridge ssm516pf To get the most from the toner cartridge, keep the following guidelines The Layout tab first displays.