The fact that the retailers are in on it also is another story. The grips smelled like tires. Anyone have any ideas or information about this supplier. I took the risk, you can now reap the reward. I get my thrills in more conventional ways, but that is beside the point. I emailed the guy and told him i thought it was fake and he didn’t believe me, so he called taylormade and it is a fake.

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Has anyone come across http: I mailed it back May 20th and have yet to see my card credited as of That store will reject it. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

Does it have a telephone number other than for sales only? After 7 days the club had not been shipped yet. Does anyone has feedback on the site: Will keep my fingers crossed that it is not a fake.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

I, of course, am jesting. I presume the user of such a term is trying to imply that they have got hold of some clubs that were made by the real manufacturer but have been secured at special price in a special deal.

Anyone heard of http: Do they sell ALL brands of golf clubs? There is much less control when lets say a company like Taylormade gives its design to a firm overseas compared to one in its own backyard. The first clue was the sound it made.


Material used will be a different texture and firmness. I have received literally thousands of items from RBG and cunterfeit absolutely no doubt they are legitimate and reliable. According to Entrepreneur, the Hot rankings are compiled with the help cunterfeit Corporate Research Board, a research organization. I ordered the Taylormade R9TP irons and was contacted within a few hours by my CC company asking if I had purchased any electronic equipment from Toyontech.

Taylogmade I questioned their online customer service they said these are original Pings with serial numbers? I feel fairly confident that the clubs he is selling are legitimate because I asked for a custom order and he was able to oblige I also asked if the clubs could be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer here in the United States and he said yes they could.

He had a another club on there and it was about to sell as well and he had to pull it off cause it was fake. They tell me they do not sell fakes, or copies and have factory authorized warrantied products.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

And that is why we put together the most comprehensive checklist. I have used rockbottom golf several times and had no issues with the products I received. Ever hear of a online site cheapgolf4u is this a legit online store or a bogas one selling fakes. I’ve always gone by the motto that if its from China, its fake.


If anyone thinks that these knockoffs are good then counterfsit for you. These golf companies could easily greatly reduce though admittedly, not eliminate the losses attributable to counterfeiting by producing their products in the United States. You guys like to spin your wheels too much. I would start from here and then follow the steps this website has posted. You guys really have to open your eyes.

Did you take the club to an authorized retailer to check it? If such a thing does r111 then surely the clubs would be suited to someone who hits the ball a mile, gets it out of the sweet spot nine times out of 10 and regularly scores par or better.

The inserts in the clubheads fell out, and the shafts were a complete no name. Should I consider these to be legit?