You can also add the switches using the Import CSV option, which allows you to add a large number of switches with a flexibility of adding only those switches that you want to monitor. Initial setup after adding a probe. Refer to Viewing the host CSV file import status for more information. In the Data Center Analytics server logon window, enter the user name and password used to set up Data Center Analytics server. Can you telnet to the Network Advisor server and port and show that the port is listening?

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If a host name is specified there, change it to a numeric IP address and restart the Brocade Network Advisor services. Edit the CSV file details offline based on your requirements. Can you connect between the Spectrum Control server and Brocade Network Advisor server with other applications?

In the Status window, in Actionclick Start to begin collecting data. This is a set of items to check to help you do some basic troubleshooting to identify and resolve the most common errors that occur. These issues are addressed with upgrades to Network Advisor. Watson Product Search Search. Open a web browser, and then enter the following URL in the address bar to log on to Infrastructure Analytics Advisor server:. Log on to the Analytics probe server through an SSH client like putty using the following credentials:.


IBM Resolving communication issues with Brocade Network Advisor – United States

Spectrum Control If you’ve enabled SSL and are using https to bnq, is mutual authentication disabled in the Authentication tab? Note When a new switch is added to Brocade Network Advisor, the probe begins collecting data automatically. The default port for https is and for http it is In the Administration tab, select Resource Management.

Check here to start a new keyword search. To override this setting, clear Include Switches that are added in the future. Initial setup after adding a probe. BTADSE The data can’t be collected by the probe because the data collector or the storage resource that is being probed isn’t available.

Document information Bnna support for: Start it if it is not.

If mutual authentication is enabled for either, the connection will fail with an SSL hna error. Can you telnet to the Network Advisor server and port and show that the port is listening? Verify that the resources monitored by the probe appear and are ready to be analyzed by Infrastructure Analytics Advisor server.


Below are some examples of those errors.

Adding Brocade FC Switch (BNA) probe

Start the crond service using the command:. Make sure these are correctly specified between the applications. United States English English. None of the above, continue with my search. Resolving communication issues with Brocade Network Advisor.

Download a sample file by clicking the Export option.

Click the Server Status icon. Add Switch or Add Fabric Test Connection for a previously added switch or fabric Run Fabric Probe Performance monitoring data collection The error messages presented in Spectrum Control depend on the specific action, but in all cases they give an indication that a connection could not be established or that no agent is available. The imported switches are listed in the Select switches for data collection section.

Verify the stopped status of the megha service: All Versions Operating system s: SAN Discovery setup or Performance with read-only permissions. Import the CSV file by clicking the Import option.