To post reply to a comment, click on the ‘reply’ button attached to each comment. A set of commands must be run on the first tap embedded ICE to enable access to the core:. But I am getting error like “cant intilaize target cpu”. Spectrum digital xds usb plus usb jtag emulator although we welcome your questions and inquiries by email or phone, buyers are expected to do their own research in regard to the compatibility andor software driver requirements for any item they are considering purchasing. Windows will recognize a new usb device and popup the new hardware found wizard.

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If properly installed windows will create a new device class named sd usb based debug tools. The answers to many configuration issues are often “in the manual”. In the past, I have spent over days setting the tools up before I have written a single line of code.

Make sure that you make your selection carefully. Performance of the xds is lower than the xds and xds The important initial minimum steps to get past this problem are as follows: His role in xcs510 systems has included hardware, microcode, firmware, and software for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune Many of the newer C devices have a more complicated setup than older devices. Also, stepping in c and assembly will be slower with xds when compared to xds or xds emulators.


I plan to do a more detailed article on emulators in the future.

The Flash Programmer is lbackhawk to program:. In most cases, you can duplicate the configuration without referring to this file. The blackhawk usb jtag emulator is backward compatible with usb v1.

Resolving ‘Can’t initialize target CPU’ on TI C DSPs – Part 1 – Mike Dunn

Blackhawk xdsclass emulators and controllers provide a full range of features and benefits with support for a widerange of ti dsps. PEEDI is certainly the most responsive emulator I have worked with and what I like most is it is one of the few that works natively within Linux. Introduction Today I am going to discuss some of the basics that can help prevent errors that frustrate some users.

The red usb active light will light for about one second and then turn off. Just visit our store, add your item s to the cart and press the generate a quote button. I love digital signal processing and i have theoretical experience on it. I hope this helps. If you are using a purchased board, know the manufacturer’s name and the board part number. Situations occur in which a vendor’s configuration files may not be installed correctly and the user, seeing only a single choice, selects the wrong emulator.


Retrieved from ” https: Xdsv2 system trace jtag emulator with target adapters. There is no need to install a new blackhawk driver with ccs v4. A list of the current models is shown below for convenience, but always check the availability, support and device compatibility bkackhawk the manufacturer before purchasing.


But wait – that may not be enough. A set of commands must be run on the first tap embedded ICE to enable access to the core:. Linda, your problem may originate as a software bug. The blackhawk usb jtag emulator is the ultracompact xds class offering in our highperformance jtag emulator lineup for texas instruments tms, tms arm and omap families. This page has been accessed 22, times. As of earlythe latest version is ccsv5and it can be run on either a Linux host or a Windows host.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat Once you consider the total universe – different versions of CCS, different vendor’s emulators, and different types of targets the task of configuration can become difficult bkackhawk times. Select the ‘Create Board’ tab and locate the vendor’s emulator and drag it into the left pane below the configuration. It would be very interesting to get the JTAG working with open source tools.