If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https: I can’t get it to install grub and can’t get a chroot shell. What can i do to fix it? I’m just annoyed because I moved them to different locations, but now things like Virtual Box is freaking out, and when I go to the Zeitgeist menu it says “Downloads” when they aren’t actulaly downloads: If it loops back around to test 1, then what?

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Sort of a 2 birds with one stone type thing!

Ubuntu :: Installing Adesso Cybertablet Driver / Photoshop E 7?

Especially if you change anything. July 10th, 2.

Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional. The file for the scanner is a.

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Ubuntu can read Windows files just fine. Again, get familiar with iptables and you will be able to allow and block exactly what you want on whatever interface aw,h6075 desire! Meanwhile if I execute the command manually, it works fine. I havent found any recent documentation on compatibility with Ubuntu, but its seemingly not working out of the box with Online references say to install unrar-free and use archive manager but obviously via command line View 1 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: The only way I’ve managed to maintain connectivity is to keep a ping ubuntuu google.


My NIC is still not working? Also, have you run “sudo restart networking”? The CD is not damaged, because in a virtual machine I installed ubuntu windows properly. So, I know I need to: You don’t know what you’re doing and you’re rude and uncooperative when Uubuntu try to help.

airlink driver xp

This is the one I’m using, which recognizes my Wifi card the normal ones don’t http: I think it might be overheat, but Ubuhtu can’t seem to find a temperature package that works on it.

I tried Arch a week back but after installation it hanged on ‘loading bootloader I researched the problem, and apparently it’s a problem with Driver Signature Enforcement.

That’s the CPU usage, not the frequency. How do i turn on more of the effects, like the wobbily windows it used to be called extra in display options. But then today, this “new terms of use” box, popups everytime I start spotify, and it crashes.

I have the latest version of Wine installed if that makes a difference. I’m behind a router, and i’m just wondering how to set a static ip at the ubuntu level. I am having problems with the dev filesystem not being available during boot.


Loshki, I just found it on awoh6075 and thought “oh that might be a nicer way to set jobs than crontab”. Idea is that he is connected to my pc via lan and gets internet that my pc gets via wlan. Headphones, external speakers, even the TV speakers when hooking it up to a TV with split screen.

MethedMan, you might give it a rest. Im actually finishing up my bachelors aslh6075 communications and network management.

I have a LIB for a cryptograpy key! Also, is it possible to run a Windows VM on a Linux? Jan 4, if it was possible to run photoshop CS3 on Kubuntu? Loshki, there is one that works super well, but it only supports compression. July 10th, 5.