I’ve set the router to only send 11b, 11Mbps this is so yesterday: Try that, and remove any wireless lan cards you might find. Set powersave feature to off and also turned off pcieaspm these can be turned on, but pcieaspm to on. No worries, the Gigabyte is working good with the modded INF. Many, many, many thanks to AirLink for this great driver! I have issues some times with logging in to the router with it set to ‘auto’ and ‘B’ works much better.

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This really, actually works! Get rid of that, and you might make some progress.

Atheros ar5212a Free Driver Download

I’m even confident enough that I’m typing this very message on this system now! I have one switch Netgear GS and am going to get one more to have all my rooms connected ar52212a gigabit.

While it sounds stupid, this was what I had to do with my WGv2, to get it do do anything at all in the computer that didn’t seem to like it. Thanks a lot, great post.

Changed the mode options to just 11a, 11bg or auto, setting should allow for legacy devices and 11n in 40 and 20Mhz modes. Join the community here.


If the driver is not compatible, your hardware will not work correctly and your computer might become unstable or stop working completely. Another thing, once i put the drivers in, and bootup, do I wait till it fully boots up then put the card in? Register a new account. I might have to do some more experimenting and find out how i can get it to run at full speed Numerous fixes as per v1.

Faulty hardware is unlikely, but if all else fails, it can’t be ruled out. What else would I be doing?

Just installed my Gigabyte WI06 mini card last night, updating to your atheeros. The driver you provided a charm. I downloaded the two driver versions I found there: Not ideal but it should give decent file transfer speeds.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

I ra5212a the same exact freezing problem that Luvr documented so well in his original post. I clicked Have disk Setting to legacy 11b only, causes a BSOD not parity error this is for me, you might not as your router is 11b only anyway.

Awesome thanks for the updates.

The driver mentioned here being an Atheros driver should probably work with a wide variety of other Atheros cards too, Atheros implement a more or less ‘one size fits all’ driver policy. Posted October 12, After applying the V4 driver you referenced in your post, the wireless adapter came to life and connected with Excellent signal strength.


One more suggestion, even though it may sound competely ridiculous: It eliminated the BSOD errors and xr5212a random connection drops. In fact, this problem is apparently not even unique to Atheros chipsets; similar issues seem to arise with, e. Parity error for Atheros cards on some systems well at least the i anyway Below is the latest driver with a modded INF that includes the fix and has everything enabled.

My NIC also consistently has an “excellent” connection status. Thanks for this posting so much.

If so, how do I get Windows to not reinstall it after boot up? I was able to get it to do one time, but upon boot up, it reverts back.

If this is it, Ive tried to uninstall but atheroa reboot windows install it automically even though there isnt anything in the slot.