While that’s well above the netbook average of which includes Nivia Ion systems–it’s still about points below the ultraportable average, and about half that of the HP Mini with Ion graphics. Plus, the TZ lasts nearly 9 hours on a charge. There are a few small slip ups , like the long battery charging time or the tendency to overheat under a full processing load , or the annoying sound of the fan that also materializes then. To keep the TZ as compact as possible , Acer has positioned the ports along the edges of the notebook. Please, switch off ad blockers. The LED backlighting has a lot to do with this, making possible a more uniform brightness with low energy usage. On the other hand, they are almost too good at their job, since the stiffness of the hinges makes it difficult to open the laptop with one hand.

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The two touchpad buttons are somewhat thin but otherwise acceptable. The power cord could have proved a nuisance for left-handers, but Acer have helpfully used aspige connector which immediately turns through 90 degreesso that the cable is led off to the back of the machine and does not get in the way.

Please, switch off ad blockers. The company also unveiled two budget-friendly Aspire laptops. Write a detailed review.

Please, switch off ad blockers. And with a significant battery life boost into the bargain. If you’re after laptop level performance with netbook levels of battery life, look no further than the TZ.


Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Review

Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while using it. Check out Acer’s performance in our Tech Support Showdown to see how the company stacks up against the competition.

Unfortunately the TZ’s glossy display 1180tz reflections. Long life Acer has had great success with the slim, light notebooks in its Aspire Timeline series. However, in comparison to the older Review article continued below.

Four status indicators showing power, battery, WLAN and Bluetooth activity are positioned along the front edge. Laptop Mag This sleek ultraportable offers better performance than netbooks and nearly nine hours of battery life.

Acer Aspire Timeline TZ

The ‘Fine Tip’ keyboard is very comfortable to use But since the laptop will most likely be used mainly for internet and office tasks, these negative factors do not really come into play. On the right-hand sidefrom front to back, are: On the other hand, they are almost too good at their job, since the stiffness of the hinges makes it difficult to open the laptop with one hand.

But clever touches like the bent power supply plug, the way the battery slots into the overall design and the touchpad with multi-touch gesture recognition, make up for all that. There is a webcam mounted centrally above the screen, and a microphone to the left of it. The function key is used in conjunction with the arrow keys for changing screen brightness and volume.


We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. UMTS or Bluetooth modules are optional extras, and were not included in our test model.

The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how aspirr really feel.

The Aspire TZ mini notebook delivers Atom-smashing performance in a package that’s 1180tz less portable than a typical 10in netbook. Some convertibles are also represented with that size. The particular G25n model that we tested comes equipped with an energy-efficient dual-core Intel Pentium SU 1. The unusual thing about the TZ is its second processor corewhich boosts performance enormously when multitaskingas is shown in our Cinebench R10 test.

Acer Aspire TZ – External Reviews

That’s about points below the ultraportable average, but we had no problems surfing the web, listening to music, and watching videos streamed from Hulu. Prospero has overseen reviews on Laptopmag.

When the notebook was placed on a hard surface, such as a coffee table, music played from Slacker was able to reflect upwards, and was more amplified. The TZ uses a You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.