The user-friendly print mechanism lets you easily adjust ribbon pressure and print quality by hand—no need for special tools. Water or spit should be kept away in case of corrosion on heating elements. If a keyboard is plugged in, the LCD display will indicate: Printing A Configuration Report It allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program. Lead the ribbon through the print head module. Insert the left side of cutter bracket 7 and secure the two screws 6 to the print module. Loose the three screws from Tear-off Bracket and then remove Tear Bracket.

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Scan product name and number from printed bar codes using the barcode reader. Printing Wrinkle Printing Wrinkle During printing, ribbon may wrinkle and cause abnormal printing quality.

Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever and lead the media under the peeler module. Making a Keyboard Form 1. Remove the top cover on both left and right sides. Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Parallel Centronics The parallel port is a standard pin Centronics connector.

Ethernet settings and parameters XE. Windows with bundled printer driver and for continuous media. X series printers use ribbon wound ink-side in as default. Ribbon Tension Adjustment The default setting when shipped from Argox factory is shown as Figure 2 — the two arrows are in line with the black line. The pin assignment of serial cable is different from PC.


Page 63 Instead of the flash prompt above, another way to install Seagull driver is to run the DriverWizard utility from the Installation Directory where the Seagull driver files locates. Got it, continue to print.

Argox XVL (TT) Industrial Barcode Label Printer

Printing Wrinkle During printing, ribbon may wrinkle and cause abnormal printing quality. Please check Argox sales representative for most updated specifications.

Plug the power cable into the power socket on the wall, and then connect the other end of the xellnt to printer’s power socket. Select next function setting. Information General Specifications Brochure User Manual Software Drivers The new XVL industrial barcode printer offers outstanding performance and value in an all-metal housing well-suited for harsh environments.

Roll-feed, die-cut, continous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal paper or plain paper and fabric label. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. This section can be referred to, for X-Series to use transfer thermal printing.

The driver should now be installed. Figure 3 Dispenser Module Peel Lever RTC Battery Replacement 1. Close the top access door and turn on the printer or press the FEED button if the printer is already on. During turning the Cam of cutter, release the blade from paper and them remove the paper from the cutter.


The steps to switch for ribbon wound ink-side out are listed as follows: Making A Keyboard Form Example: Wax Ribbons Thermal Transfer. Cleaning The Print Head Cleaning the Print Head To keep the Print Head remain in the best xeries and efficiency and to extend duration for use, regular cleaning action is needed. Rotary Cutter with Paper Jam If there is paper jam inside rotary cutter, refer to Rotary Cutter Installation section to remove the rotary cutter.

Buttons Function Press to enter setting mode.

Argox X-1000VL User Manual

Figure A Figure B Once the printouts as above appear, the possible cause may be the unequal positions of Ribbon Segies, which needs to be adjusted properly to make its heights equally the same at both sides. Page 14 Head Latch Bracket 3. Page The simplest way to connect to other hosts not PC compatible or terminals is: Turn off the printer; disconnect the AC power cable.