This causes the browser to reload the page. The software is installed directly on the host PC and allows applications to talk to devices across a network as though the devices were directly attached to the host. This is the typical connection method. Enables or disables the SSH server service. Online Help Online help is available for all screens of the web interface, and for common configuration and administration tasks.

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Digi Smart Solutions Temperature and task management.

Disconnect power from the AnywhereUSB. For newer operating systems with the install.


Use Microsoft Device IDs: Drivers are available for a wide range of operating systems. For a Class B network example of Each hub has an upstream port, connecting to the host, and multiple anywhefeusb/2 ports, connecting to downstream devices, including other hubs.

Indeed, up to seven hubs can be connected parallel at any given level. Digi XBee Ecosystem Explore and create wireless connectivity.

Digi 50001689-01 E AnywhereUSB/2 G2

Any changes made since the last time the Apply button was clicked are reset to their original values. Unique features also include full hardware and software flow control, as well as tunable latency and throughput. It is usually best to use the default network port anywhereubs/2 for these services because they are well known by most applications.

Recent Drivers  L40 17U DRIVER

Failure Analysis and Mitigation. A device ID consists of three parts: This causes the browser to reload the page.

For restoring a device to factory default setting. Due to the limited available power for bus-powered hubs, cascading two bus-powered hubs is an illegal topology, and devices connected to the second hub will not function.

Remote Device Manager Monitor and maintain deployments. If a profile listed in this description is not available on the page, it is not supported. Power-supplies are NOT interchangeable; use only the power supply that is provided with the unit.

Or, log back on to the device by clicking the link on the screen. The host computer then attempts to connect to the AnywhereUSB. Enter the desired IP address and click Add. AnywhereUSB IP Address has not yet been configured, or is configured to connect to a non-existent Group in the case it is a multi-host connections enabled device.

AnywhereUSB/2 Product Detail – Digi International

For polarity, see the following diagram: The Update Firmware page is displayed. Network Services that can be Enabled or Disabled To further secure your AnywhereUSB, you might want to disable those network services anyshereusb/2 necessary to the device, or turn off any non-secure network services, such as Telnet.


For situations that anywheruesb/2 fit into one of the pre-defined port profiles, select the Custom profile option. If enabled, an idle connection will be ended after the specified amount of time. Industrial Precision Agriculture Manufacturing Automation. Configure System Settings The System Configuration page configures system settings, including device description information, such as the device name, contact, and location, and whether SNMP is enabled or disabled and the SNMP traps that are enabled.

The IP address or hostname of the Connectware Manager server. Scroll down and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types unless already unchecked then click OK. Network Interface Features Standards: To configure any profile, select Serial Ports.

Qnywhereusb/2 of the port options are available in the custom profile.

The Connectware Manager server allows devices to be configured and managed from remote locations.