Essentially, technical improvements are not to be found. Reducing the height of the base unit towards the front edge of the device requires a precise positioning of individual ports. Furthermore LED technology is put into use, which offers comparably better brightness and also low energy consumption compared to CCFL displays. Acer Aspire One This is especially useful for frequently used multimedia functions such as “next, zoom and scroll”, which are easy to configure.

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However the Aspire One at hand, as well as its bigger brother, the Aspire One with a The 6-cell battery puts the into a slanted position.

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It’s a shame that the 6-cell battery cramps the style of the Aspire Onebut with the completely integrated 3-cell version the battery life would be simply too low in comparison wo531h the competition. Indeed, you can’t ignore the usual weaknesses at low frequencies, which are standard of netbooks without subwoofers.

Visually, the new case of the Acer Aspire One is good.

Only by more advanced picture editing and complex applications would a RAM upgrade make sense. Thanks to LED technology the panel achieves good brightness and illumination. When it comes to its capacity to play games, it is admittedly no bed of roses. ader

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The Aspire One above all profits from low heat emissions of the Intel components, at least in office usewhich facilities a very silent operation of the mini-notebook.

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Not only the flattening of the base unitbut also the now predominant matte surfaces and the solid lines please straight away. We’re talking about a proud 61 centimetres diagonally compared to the puny Viewing angles of the Acer Aspire One This is also oa531h of the display hinges, which really keep the screen tight in their grasp. There is a 3-cell battery with a capacity of Our test sample was equipped with the 6-cell battery, which admittedly didn’t quite match up to Acer’s claim with a slightly smaller capacity of 54 Wh.

Finally the practical test of the VGA port went without criticism.

Review Acer Aspire One 531 Netbook

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The shiny frame of the display surrounds the equally reflective display, and also on the base unit the sides have a high gloss finish, which, in our opinion, is aesthetically very well received and whose disadvantages are also kept within limits.

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Admittedly, as usual the ao351h display surfaces are cause for criticism. There is also a revised version of the D Neither the offered connection options nor the inbuilt keyboard leave anything worthy to say that’s different from those in the One D This is spared due to the fact that it would easily show dirt but also accumulate small scratches and marks over time.


Acer has meant well with the addition of an SD expansion port to the cardreader. In particular the base unit is particularly dimensionally stable and shows no unusual deformations against large amounts of physical pressure.

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In terms of contrast the display admittedly falls behind our expectations with a maximum contrast ratio of The Acer Aspire One reached somewhat higher temperatures than expecteddespite the inclusion of energy efficient components. Also the fans stay pleasant and barely audible in office use. The Acer Aspire One series is just like the Asus Eee PCs — dozens of models are currently flooding the market and how they are differentiated is in part unclear.

In fact the slim mini-laptop’s design can be considered to work well. You should watch out when stowing the netbook away in a bag, as the display has no kind of locking mechanismwhich means that objects could slide in between the keyboard and display.

Even narcissists beyond rehabilitation would give after a few weeks. Acer offers the full range when it comes to communications modules. Essentially, technical improvements are not to be found.

The maximum temperatures were indeed somewhat higher on the underside of the case. Unfortunately this is not true for the display overall, which gives a little but still performs well on the whole.